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General Trust

Thank you for selecting Intrepid Paralegal Solutions (IPS) to assist you in your matter. You are aware that Intrepid Paralegal Solutions is a paralegal firm and does not offer legal advice of any kind for any reason. 

Your hourly rate will be identified in your general trust agreement before work begins. 

Disbursements may include reproduction costs, filing fees, service of process, subpoenaed records fees, postage, and travel expenses. Your monthly billing statement will incur no substantial costs without your prior consultation. In certain cases, we may need to retain certain professionals, such as private investigators, real estate appraisers, certified public accountants, or mental health professionals. This will be discussed with you prior to engaging any professional, as any agreement to pay these professionals is between the professional and you, as this office will not pledge its credit or advance monies on your behalf for a professional. Invoices from third parties, such as deposition transcripts, if necessary to the case, will be billed plus costs or forwarded to you for direct payment by you to such third party. 

Intrepid Paralegal Solutions’ services will commence upon receiving the agreed trust payment. These funds will be credited to our client’s account and IPS will draw against these funds to satisfy our bi/monthly statements, copies of which will be available once the trust fund balance has reached a predetermined amount. You must make monthly deposits outlined in your general trust. Payments are non refundable. If your account is in arrears for ten days, all work and service will be halted, and Intrepid Paralegal Solutions will close your matter. 

Upon depletion of the funds in the trust account, Intrepid Paralegal Solutions will advise you, and you will be required to replenish the funds in the trust account for your matter to its original amount. Occasionally during the process of preparing your matter, such as when transcripts or investigation services are needed, it may be necessary for us to require an additional sum payment to the trust fund. In addition, if your open balance becomes an amount that our office deems to be excessive, we may require you to bring your general trust balance current for Intrepid Paralegal Solutions to continue to work on your behalf. 

Your cooperation in getting us information and in working with us on your matter can expedite the case and help reduce the fees you incur for necessary paralegal services. Call and email as often as you like, but please keep in mind that telephone calls, text, and emails as well as internal and client portal messages are billable and do increase the expense of the matter (although no charge will be made for telephone calls or conferences regarding your bills). 

Intrepid Paralegal Solutions does retain the right to withdraw its services upon proper notice for any reason including: if lack of communication from the client and Intrepid Paralegal Solutions for non-payment of invoices and proper services are no longer possible. 

Please note that all preparations and services furnished to clients by Intrepid Paralegal Solutions are based upon the information provided by the clients and as such opinions may vary depending on the truthfulness and completeness of the information provided by the clients. Additionally, client communications are held as private and confidential unless they are shared or otherwise disclosed. Please do not share client communications with anyone; this includes posting or sharing said communications on any Internet site. Doing this can and will result in the firm withdrawing paralegal services from your case. 

At the conclusion of this matter, you may have the contents of your file upon request other than Intrepid Paralegal Solutions proprietary notes and other work product Intrepid Paralegal Solutions deems necessary to retain. If you leave all or part of the file in the possession of Intrepid Paralegal Solutions, we will have the authority to destroy your file within three years from the date of this matter’s conclusion. 

If at any time you decide you wish us to stop activity in your matter, notify Intrepid Paralegal Solutions in writing. Upon final payment by you of the final statement for services, (which will be rendered shortly after receipt by us of your intention to terminate the association between Intrepid Paralegal Solutions and you), copies of all pertinent papers in your file will be turned over to you or to any professional of your selection. You already will have most of the papers in your possession as it is our practice to forward to our clients copies of all incoming and outgoing correspondence so that you will be kept advised of each step taken on your behalf.  

Confidentiality policy — Intrepid Paralegal Solutions, while rendering paralegal services, collects nonpublic personal information about you that is provided to us by you or obtained by us with your authorization. For current and former clients, we do not disclose any nonpublic personal information in our business practices except as required or permitted by law.  

Permitted disclosures include, for instance, providing information to our contractors in connection with work to be performed on your matters, and, when we consider it appropriate, to unrelated third parties who need to know that information to assist us in providing services to you. We retain records that relate to professional services that we provide so that we are better able to assist you with your professional needs and to comply with professional guidelines. In order to guard your nonpublic personal information.  

We found e-mail to be a more effective way of transmitting notifications, particularly in maintaining privacy. Therefore, our preferred means of communication when it is a question of mail versus e-mail will be e-mail. Accordingly, unless you request us not to do so, we plan to transmit correspondence to you and others in connection with your matter by e-mail. If you do not opt out of the use of e-mail to transmit correspondence, you acknowledge and accept the risks inherent in this form of communication, particularly of its unauthorized interception and not reaching the intended recipient. 

 Your privacy, our professionalism, and providing you with quality paralegal services are particularly important to us, as is how our clients feel about the services we provide. If you ever feel that we are not meeting your expectations or if you have any questions about our relationship, please do not hesitate to call Intrepid Paralegal Solutions. We are pleased that you are entrusting your work to us, and we will do our best to provide you with prompt, high quality service. We look forward to working with you.