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The team at Intrepid Paralegal Solutions LLC made a huge difference for my family and my son. I can not say enough about the excellence and care these amazing people provide to each and every person they work with.

– Glenn and Lisa

When I needed answers I got them with a complete and professional follow up. We were successful as a result of the help we received from the team at Intrepid.

– Julie

With no options and no cooperation I was at a loss to know what to do next. I am grateful to everyone at Intrepid for showing me where to find the information I needed and then creating the legal filings I asked them to create and file.

– Scott

Intrepid paralegal solutions llc helped me out tremendously with my case and took the headache of dealing with court paperwork off my hands!

– Aaron D.

Alisha and the team was a life saver to my case. The systems of communication they have in place are great. They are a real team that takes pride in their work. Thank you for everything.

– Jonathan C.

Extremely helpful and a great company to work with. Definitely recommend!

– Charles O.

Daniel Manoff and the Intrepid team were highly professional and invaluable helping us resolve a pressing legal matter recently. Compassionate, effective and affordable. I strongly recommend them.

– Ken T.

Intrepid Paralegal is an outstanding firm. In my case, I was successfully able to obtain a court order and receive full custody of my daughter. Danny M*****, specifically was my go-to throughout the whole process. As a Dad, It felt daunting going into the court rooms not knowing the outcome. Danny M***** equipped me with the right mindset throughout the whole process. I appreciate everyone at this firm for their assistance. Highly recommended.

– Jeff K.

I worked with Intrepid Paralegal Solutions to help me accurately fill out & submit mutual consent divorce paperwork. I was very satisfied with the response time & with the excellent customer service. I highly recommend this company!

– Margaret J.

Lots of support and empathy from Intrepid Paralegal Solutions. Staff is very knowledgeable and is ready with immediate solutions in difficult situations. Very professional and affordable services at a fraction of what attorneys would charge. We felt we were in good hands and trusted that IPS would find the best way forward. It took away a lot of anxiety and stress.Lots of support and empathy from Intrepid Paralegal Solutions. Staff is very knowledgeable and is ready with immediate solutions in difficult situations. Very professional and affordable services at a fraction of what attorneys would charge. We felt we were in good hands and trusted that IPS would find the best way forward. It took away a lot of anxiety and stress.

– Rosemarie K.

This is a dedicated team of professionals that listen and care. Trustworthy people that are on top of their game. I’m blown away with their knowledge and resources. From attorneys to individuals that need a helping hand, don’t hesitate to reach out to them. IPS’s response time is also great and they keep you well informed. You won’t be disappointed!

– V. B.

Professional and efficient, why hire attorney when a paralegal can do all the working at a fraction of the cost- these guys are great!

– Dalton D.

An amazing experience, fast action, and very professional interaction. Working with Intrepid has really made it possible to leave the worry and anxiety behind knowing that Dan and staff carry themselves with integrity and honesty. Thank you, and I look forward to a continued great partnership.

– Kyshonda S.

Intrepid is very responsive and attentive. They are very professional when It comes to custody cases. I would recommend them for all cases. 10/10 service!

– J. K.

Great experience with the Intrepid team. They were knowledgeable, responsive, professional, and great to work with. I appreciate their support!

– Anton P.

Intrepid Paralegal Solutions INC. gives good criminal service to all lawyers working to help clients receive the best verdict possible. The paralegals work hard to fulfill each lawyer’s needs in a way that is fast and accurate.

– Lydia M.

I was connected with INTREPID through my pastor at church. Danny reached out to me IMMEDIATELY. These guys restored hope back into my life. They’ve went above and beyond to support me and help fight for JUSTICE ⚖️ YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME AND IM SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE EVERYONE OF YOU IN MY CORNER DURING THIS DIFFICULT TIME.


– Corey S.

**My strongest recommendation for legal help**

I was in need of legal services and did not have the $$ for an attorney. Luckily I came across Intrepid paralegal Services where Daniel and his team proved themselves as requisite professionals.

-Top notch communication (email, phone call, and text)
-Attention to deal in all matters
-Wealth of knowledge of the Maryland judicial system
-Affordable and reliable

Daniel even took the time over the phone to help me line by line filling out my legal decrees. I never felt out of the loop though my entire legal process and, I will continue to use IPS for all future legal matters.

– Chris B.

This company is so fascinating, innovative, and destined for greatness. I love the fact that they give paralegals the opportunity to learn, experience, and thrive in their careers. It’s truly a dream company for any paralegal!

– Brianna L.

I had an amazing experience with this company and the costs was affordable!!! I was really pleased and would definitely recommend for legal work without the expensive lawyer fees!! Danny works there just an AWESOME guy very personable and he truly CARES!!!

– Sheila M.

Dan at Intrepid Paralegal Solutions helped tremendously with our filing situation. He answered questions promptly and professionally, got everything done in a timely manner and kept in contact throughout the whole process. Will definitely keep him in my realm for any future situations.

– Carly B.

I had a number of issues involving legal research and this team of people was attentive and very professional. It is clear that they go way above what has been the “norm” for legal assistance. I told them what I wanted to know and they found it and got it to me. I then had them prepare several legal documents for me and they were done quickly and accurately. Nice people to work with.

– Kelly A.

Intrepid paralegals is the way to go !!, they are very responsive and and punctual. Also they were very helpful With what i was going through and did everything they could to bring a positive outcome in my situation. I would recommend them to anyone THEY ARE GREAT!!!

– C. D.

It is a pleasure working with Intrepid. They are professional, responsive, and masters of their craft. Their organization and dedication to excellence put them over the top. I highly recommend utilizing their services.

– Dave

first rate service , staff i interacted with was quite good. Intrepid is the go to place for swift response and solution to issues

– Michael E.

Very professional paralegal service that will assist you whatever you need professional legal documents prepared. I would highly recommend.

– Charles R.

Professional, effective, and efficient but human, understanding, and willing to work for a just cause. Uniquely qualified to earn your trust, I recommend that you call them without delay.

– Walter S.

I’ve had the privilege of working with Mr. Danny Manoff and he has been the epitome of Excellence and Professionalism! He’s passionate about this cause and serving. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

– Derryck H.

I have worked for Danny Manoff, the CEO of Intrepid, as a marketing and video consultant. find Danny to very professional and hyper organized. I look forward to our continued relationship and helping Intrepid grow.

– Michael Z.

Honestly, it took a few tries and a lot longer than expected to get a successful result. But the staff was dedicated and committed to providing a satisfactory product. The price was reasonable.

– Wakia A.

**My strongest recommendation for legal help**
Intrepid Paralegal Solutions is very knowledgable, professional and caring when dealing with legal issues. I highly recommend it!!

– Elvera M.

These guys are top notch! I don’t know how I made it this far without them on my side. Now all of my legal needs are just a phone call (or a click) away! Highly recommend 👍

– Darren R.

They were amazing to work with–very precise!

– Vabren W.

Efficient, professional service. Prompt and responsive communication. Done with ease.

– Sean H.

Great Company with an awesome platform to address the needs to assist our Legal Community. Highly recommended

– David R.

Thank you for your help and support . Very understanding.

– Tasja J.

Very quick and helpful. Made sure they had the sttory clear before giving advice.

– Asha H.

Good place to work for, and Danny is phenomenal.

– David T.