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Paralegals are Battle Ready for Trial

Paralegals are Battle Ready for Trial

Lawyers aren’t the only ones who have to be prepared for the long process that a trial brings. Paralegals also have to be battle ready for what they will face at trial. While trial is not a common outcome in many cases (no more than 5% of all criminal cases ever go to trial[1]), paralegals must prepared to do a heavy amount of work in anticipation for a trial. The process of trial for paralegals can include preparing & issuing subpoenas, preparing witnesses, evaluating jurors, and coordinating schedules. Paralegals will typically serve as the point of contact and communication between clients, attorneys, and the court system throughout the trial process.

As you can imagine, the role of a paralegal during trial is not an easy task to handle. Having good time management skills, being able to communicate with different individuals, and having good drafting skills are necessary to be able to help guide clients through a trial. While trials can sometimes be short (lasting a few days), the entire process from start to finish can take weeks or even months depending on the severity of the case. Given this context, it is always good to have a paralegal who can assist with the workload and emotions that a trial can bring.

Here at Intrepid Paralegal Solutions, we want you to think of us as an extension of your legal team. With our team of paralegals having hundreds of years of experience in the legal field, we stand ready for battle to help you during your trial.

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