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The Financial Benefits of Becoming a Virtual Paralegal

When you become a virtual paralegal, you have the potential to make more money than when working for an employer as a W-2 employee. Work for yourself; no one is going to treat you better than you will treat yourself. A virtual paralegal receives higher per-hour rates and works with various types of clients on your schedule and as you choose to work with those clients. Your practice gives you the ability to create a flexible schedule that works for you and your family. Let’s take a look at a few financial of the many benefits of becoming a virtual paralegal.

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Flexible Hours and Rates 

One of the primary benefits of working virtually is that you are in control of your hours and rate. As a virtual paralegal, you can choose when and how much you want to work. You can take on as many or as few clients as you would like and set rates that are appropriate for your experience level. This flexibility allows you to maximize your earning potential within the legal field and continue to enhance your skill sets. IPS is focused on enhancing skill sets in every way possible.

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Higher Incomes

When you begin your practice working as a virtual paralegal rather than an in-house paralegal, many professionals find that their incomes are higher than those in traditional employment settings. IPS offers you the opportunity as an independent contractor to begin your practice with tools and structure that will enhance your success and give you a home to operate from. Your practice is entirely focused on what you love to do, and that is a paralegal, legal investigator, mediator, or any other area of expertise you may have to offer. IPS does all of the rest of the client management and billing so that you can concentrate on your core specialties. We value your services and experience. Additionally, as a virtual paralegal, you can increase your net earnings by obtaining additional certifications and credentials, and abilities that will assist you in your practice and increase your per-hour billing rate. Your financial security is a function of your professionalism and dedication, as well as the enhancement and growth of your continued skills.

Tax Benefits and Deductions

The tax benefits of being a virtual paralegal are significant and should be noticed when deciding whether or not it’s right for you. As an independent contractor rather than an employee, there are different tax rules that will provide for the deduction of certain expenses and the ability to structure your business in a way that is most advantageous for you and your individual and particular financial situation. Additionally, because most expenses related to running your business are tax deductible, this means that more of what you earn stays in your pocket every year!

Another financial benefit of being a virtual paralegal is that many expenses associated with working remotely may be tax deductible. These deductions vary by country, but here are some examples of common deductions that might be available to you: Home office expenses (if applicable), internet bills, phone bills, travel costs, computer equipment/software purchases, and more. Check with your local tax authority for specific details on what deductions are available in your area.  

Intrepid Paralegal Solutions Inc. works with the very best virtual contract paralegals who are all 1099 contractors as you set your time on a project and what project you accept or do not accept. Our accounting department issues  1099 forms at the end of the year to each of our independent contractors so that we can offer you more control over your taxes and expenses.

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Cost Savings 

Finally, there are also significant cost savings associated with working remotely as a virtual paralegal compared to traditional office work. Since you don’t need an office space or commute to work each day, there are no overhead costs associated with running an office or transportation costs incurred from getting to and from an office building every day. This means more money in your pocket each month! 

Consider Joining Us as a Virtual Paralegal

Virtual paralegals bring great financial advantages compared to traditional employment settings. You get the freedom and flexibility that comes with making your own schedule while also having the opportunity to enjoy higher earnings and enjoy tax benefits that come along with self-employment status. If these financial benefits sound appealing, consider becoming a virtual paralegal with IPS today!

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